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Social media is a very effective space for brands to promote their services or products. There are many different social media platforms in China. Finding the right KOLs in the right platform could be critical task. KOL can also be divided into different tiers, from millions of followers to few thousands. Their price range could vary a lot. 

By using our AI-driven tools, we are able to identify and connect a pool of perfect KOLs for your brands with the lowest cost. 

Top Tier KOLs

China Social Media

As there are way too many social media platforms in China, we focus on trending and newer ones as they are less competitive and appeared to be more cost effective



XHS is so-called Little Red Book focuses on product and experience sharing, more specifically, overseas items. MAU has just reached over 800 million. It's good for product seeding and one of the few social media in China that runs content e-commerce strategy.

China Social Media

Social media in China is the most fragmented and dynamic amongst the world. Not only good quality content is required, KOLs can also find ways to monetise their content and influencing power, so-called KOL as a sales!

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